Focus Program

FOCUS is a program for people who are serious about achieving their fitness, health and wellness goals.

You will have specific programs designed around your specific goals which will include resistance training, cardiovascular training and a specific nutrition program.

We will layout exactly what you need to do, track every aspect of your training, and if you do everything we instruct, every time, all the time, you'll get results guaranteed.

Every workout will be tracked and analyzed by one of our Strength and Conditioning Specialist for its effectiveness.

Your nutrition program will be analyzed and adjusted weekly to deliver nutritious and delicious results.

Here's what you'll get with your Focus membership:

  • Two monthly One on One training sessions with a Strength and Conditioning Specialist
  • Specific resistance training programs based on your goals
  • Specific cardiovascular training programs based on your goals
  • Specific meal plans based on your goals
  • Monthly health and fitness evaluations to track your progress
  • Monthly progress reports