Our group fitness programs are unique in that they are the only group programs to give you it all!

Most group programs, whether it is a boot-camp program, a group aerobics program or even a group kickboxing program only focus on pushing you so hard that you regurgitate or you're so sore you can barely move!

That's not fun, nor is it what you attended the program for! Who wants to get beaten up like that?

End Results Fitness Training Center's Group Programs are designed to increase your fitness level, your endurance and your ability to do the exercises correctly all while you're having fun!

Our expert Personal Trainers are nationally certified and are truly experts in training you to achieve your goals!

With years of experience, our trainers are highly educated in the field they are instructing and receive more then 40 hours a year of additional education in their related field.

You'll be taught the right way of doing the exercises in the program so that you don't injure yourself, your goals are meant and your experience in our programs will have you talking about how much fun you had and anticipating the next class!

You also have the opportunity of visiting our Registered Dietitian to talk about any nutritional guidance, concerns or to assist you in developing a nutritious and effective meal plan.

So, if your goals include weight/ body-fat loss, lean muscle building or just improving your eating habits our Registered Dietitian can help!

End Results Fitness Training Center's group fitness programs are designed to give you what you're truly looking for!

Affordable fitness training, results orientated, great fun and programs that will leave you wanting more!

A few programs you may want to try out are the Boot Camp in support of Breast Cancer (part of the proceeds goes to the cancer foundation), our Mat Pilates class, or our Division 1 Speed and Agility Training Program.

Please refer to our calendar for dates, times, and updates!

Try them today and get in shape!

  • Pilates Class
  • Boot Camp (support breast cancer)
  • Speed And Agility Program