Restore Program

Restore is our one on one/group Certified Personal Training program is designed for the individual who wants full undivided attention and motivation.

Your personal trainer will design and implement a fitness/wellness program based on your exclusive and specific fitness and health goals.

This is a goal orientated program built on progression. As you get more fit and healthier your program will progress with you until you achieve your goals!

You won't have to worry about plateauing with this program! We guarantee results.

And what's more, you'll have fun and learn what it takes to reach and maintain your goals.

Here's what you'll get:

  • A comprehensive fitness evaluation and goal assessment with a Certified Personal Trainer assessing all your fitness and health needs
  • A one hour consultation with our Registered Dietician
  • 30 min consultation with our Licensed Physical Therapist
  • Training by the best Personal Trainers in the fitness/health/wellness industry
  • Learn how to effectively use weight training equipment, a customized cardiovascular program and customized nutrition program
  • Fitness and educational journals designed to help monitor your fitness program for success
  • Support from our team of physicians and physical therapist
  • A program that will give you guaranteed results
  • You'll have fun while you work towards your goals
  • We'll educate you all about your body and how to achieve and maintain your goals once you reach them