Some 18 years ago fitness was my life. But, like so many people my life got sidetracked with college, marriage, family, and my fitness lifestyle became non-existent. Gym time was traded for school and family time. Preparing clean meals were replaced with quick fast food. As each year passed, another medication was prescribed and a few more pounds were gained. I would tell myself again and again, that I would get back on track and I would attempt a so called "Fitness Comeback" on my own, but each time came and went without success.  I knew I needed help beyond what I already knew about fitness and weight loss. In August 2013, after seeing pictures from a family vacation I made the decision that a change was needed. I had thought this many times before but this time I added what I called a "Fail Proof" addition to my plan...End Results Personal Training. I went and spoke with Curtis and Dominic about helping change my life and what I was doing wrong, knowing this was going to save my life. My weight had ballooned to 352 pounds. I was taking 6 medications and was diagnosed as being pre-diabetic, with the potential of adding even more daily pills to mask yet another health ailment.  My blood pressure medication was increasing, as well as my anxiety meds. The pain medications I was taking for my back were no longer working and the Vicodin dosage was creeping up as well. I was really in a bad place.

Curtis created a fitness and nutritional plan for me and we were off.  Curtis is extremely motivational and encouraging as well as every other trainer at end results. The End Results environment is encouraging and motivating, and every trainer there was in my corner to help me every step of the way. It is an important factor that keeps me coming back each day. 

It's been a year now and I have lost 115 lbs. and reduced my prescription medication from 6 to 1. With the help of End Results your fitness goals can be reached. It's never too late no matter what your current health status is. My weight loss journey was long and hard, consisting of eating clean, training hard, and switching to a healthy lifestyle. I didn’t use any gimmicks or diet fads and I had no surgeries or gastric bypass. I am proof that even when you think it's impossible, it can be done. 

-Anthony B

Both my 14 year old son and 25 year old nephew work with Dominic Amici and the crew at End Results. It’s been two years for my son and about a year for my nephew. My nephew has slimmed down, looks forward to working out and is in the best shape of his life. My son, a club ice hockey player, has strict workout requirements coming from his travel club. Dominic has tailored my son’s regular work out to support the hockey requirements and my son’s performance has shown very positive results. Both boys can’t say enough good things about Dominic, the crew, the equipment and the new location for End Results. It’s been a great find not only for competitive sports but for the kids’ general fitness as well. Its state of the art training with a personal touch.

Martin P

I had been away from the gym for over 10 years and had given up on regular exercise and diet. Dom and I worked together to come up with a great exercise and nutrition plan. We started slow and Dom increased my pace just right each week. The end result has been amazing! I have lost 38 pounds, 9% body fat and 32 inches off my entire body and it’s still coming off!

Matt Z

I have been personal training with Dominic for the past 12 years. For over five years, Dominic has helped me to recover from back surgery and has kept me strong enough to prevent injury. I've lost 40 pounds and 4 inches in my waist. I came to Dom with diabetes, arthritis and atrial fibrillation. Dom has always tailored my workouts to my abilities. I'm 71 and as fit as I've ever been.

Edward C. Hart

I have been working out with Curtis Mann at End Results Wellness for seven years. That sounds like a long time to have a personal trainer but I can say, without hesitation, that the time and money I have spent have been the best investment in my health I have ever made.

In January of 2005 I weighed 12 pounds more than I weigh now, and that’s a lot considering I’m only 5’1” tall! That amounts to 10% of my body weight – and my weight has stayed consistent during the time I have trained at End Results. As a result, my body fat percentage has also gone down by 7%. This is especially significant since, during that time, I entered my 50s – a time many women gain weight.

I’m certain that having a supportive trainer; one who encourages me work hard but understands that eating good food is an important part of my life, has been the key to keeping my weight steady and my body fit.

Curtis, and all the staff at End Results, has been positive motivators for me over the past years and I can’t thank them enough for helping me reach my fitness goals.


Torrance-based End Results has evolved with a true sense of purpose by embracing its personal clientele with outreach to the Wellness Community of the South Bay. Having observed this process for the past six years, we salute Curtis Mann and his expert personal-training staff. Professionally, the entire group executes their responsibilities with the utmost kindness, open-mindedness and thoughtfulness that allows each client a level of comfort and ease that is un-paralleled. Having enjoyed being apart of the End Results team spirit through the years, we salute Curtis Mann and his staff for overseeing our exercise needs and promoting the utmost enthusiasm for maintaining good physical fitness.

Nancy D. Henry, PhD, Robert F. Henry, CDR, USNR, Retired

When I joined End Results I wasn’t sure if this would be the answer to my back problem. I had done years of pilates and yoga and during that time my back would still go out on me, keeping me down for days. Needless to say, this created much frustration. That all came to an end when I joined End results and started working with a trainer who knew exactly what to do to not only make my back stronger, but my entire body. Curtis, the owner, was spot on with his choice to match me with my trainer, ellis, proving to me, he heard my concerns and knew how to address them.

End Results is a great place to work out on your own and get one on one attention. The staff is great, creating an environment that welcoming and friendly. I highly recommend you stop by and see for your self!

Linda Salaza

Just want the world to know that End Results and Adel... are the best! After my breast cancer treatment, my body and mind needed encouragement. With the help of End Results, I have reached all my healthy goals. The trainers were all professional yet caring at each exercise session. All my expectations of feeling athletic and well were accomplished with the inspiration of all at End Results.

Patricia Cutten

Dear Curtis,

We want to take this opportunity to thank you and your staff for providing an environment where cancer survivors learn how to use their bodies to achieve a return to wellness.

Your magnanimous work on our behalf is exceptional and to be applauded. Your generosity in freely giving of your time and skill is appreciated more than words can convey.

Linda L and Jan G