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Welcome To Our Fitness Center

End Results Health & Wellness Center's atmosphere is like nothing you've experienced before. The focused approach and invigorating exercise produces a world class environment for success. The highly trained certified Trainers have been taught how to create the most conducive atmosphere that is both exciting and result orientated. The groups are kept small to ensure a level of supervision for maximum results. This gives you the benefits of personal training plus the advantage of the group dynamic for a fraction of the price. Your trainer will personalize your exercise and nutrition program and schedule a one to one consultation on a continuous basis. The small club environment is also friendly and welcoming to beginners.

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Donate to Picture of Health, organized to provide free personal fitness training, nutritional guidance and educational services for people who are suffering from cancer and other chronic medical conditions.


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Focus is a program for people who are serious about achieving their fitness, health and wellness goals. This six month program requires the Focus member to workout at End Results a minimum of four days a week to exercise and discuss ways to achieve their goals. You will have specific programs designed around your specific goals which will include resistance training, cardiovascular training and a specific nutrition program.

Drive is designed to get student athletes prepared to compete at the highest level of their athletic performance. This program is designed to help our High School athletes get a Division I Scholarship or our Division 1 athletes Professional contracts. Our program works on a Periodization fitness training schedule, and contains four phases.

Restore is our one on one/group Certified Personal Training program is designed for the individual who wants full undivided attention and motivation. Your personal trainer will design and implement a fitness/wellness program based on your exclusive and specific fitness and health goals.

Believe In Yourself
Believe that you can beat cancer
Believe that you can be a size 6
Believe that you can have lower cholesterol
Believe you can change your life forever
Get the picture? Believe is not an overly intense program (unless you're ready)